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Why you should let Total Technologies work for you.

Total Technologies LLC was founded in 2014 by owner Erik Shoemaker. Erik began his love of technology as a child and has pursued and worked in the world of IT for over 15 years. His commitment to helping people has taught him to sit down with the client, listen to the problem, and come up with a strategic plan to resolve the issues efficiently and affordably on an individual basis. Erik’s way of "Changing the way IT is done" is revolutionary. Total Technologies goal is to help make your experience of working with an IT company a perfect one and we strive to do this by offering competitive products, service and pricing. We will give you and your team the respect you deserve and will explain the problem to you in a very understandable and professional manner.



Our objective to you



The main objective of Total Technologies LLC is to serve customers both in the public and private sector in areas such as: production, trade, banks, education, Government institutions and Health Care. Total Technologies idea is to offer its customers a complete solution from the study, design, hardware and software supply, including tips on what and where to purchase products, along with service and training.  Our team is highly qualified, specializing in the following areas: software, communications, commerce and services. In order to ensure the successful business, Total Technologies is committed to the following main principles:


QUALITY - Total Technologies LLC invests time, money and resources necessary to ensure the desired quality and growth in terms of rapidly evolving market.


SERVICE - The service must compliment quality. Only by understanding the needs of its customers the company can provide high quality services and maintain its leading position in the market.


EFFICIENCY – The company believes that the best way to improve productivity is to provide our team and our customers with the opportunity to learn and improve their personal skills, contribute to the work process and be satisfied with their achievements


INNOVATION – Long-term success can only be assured by cultivating new ideas. That’s why the company encourages its team to be creative, and gives them the means to see their ideas realized.


The continued growth of the company requires maintaining the staff qualification in order to assure the ongoing quality of services offered by our company; by means of staying in touch with the latest achievements in the field. The staff participates in various training programs, seminars and conferences with leading companies in the information technology industry.


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